Bed Bug Control and Extermination in Rochester, NY and Surrounding Communities

In many areas of the country including Rochester, NY bed bug infestations have been making the news in recent years.  As one of the expert bed bug exterminator services in Western NY, CWF Pest and Wildlife warns its customers about these invading insects.

Anyone can get bed bugs; they can easily be spread from person to person because bed bugs can be transported by the very clothes that we wear every day.  We are all highly susceptible at work and public places.  Calling a professional in bed bug pest control at the first sign of an infestation will provide great health benefits. The most common type of bed bug is called the Cimex Lectularius, and they actually feed on our blood, much like mosquitoes.  In the absence of a human victim, they can feed off of many species of small animals, including bats, rats, birds, and rabbits.  They like to feed at night, which is why bed bugs tend to set up housekeeping in our bed linens and along the creases of our mattresses. The adult bed bugs are oval in shape, wingless, and brown or red after a feeding in color.  The bed bugs can lay about 200 to 500 eggs during their life. Adult bed bugs can lay several eggs by day, generally from 2 to 5 eggs. The newly hatched eggs of bed bugs will appear almost colorless and are very tiny, only about 1/32 of an inch in length.  CWF Pest and Wildlife recommends calling a professional bed bug exterminator immediately if you see any signs of an infestation.  Bed bugs are a health concern, their bites are itchy and many are fearful of them.

At CWF Pest and Wildlife, we specialize in using IPM to take care of bed bug infestations. By using a combination of our extensive knowledge of bed bug biology, low-toxic bed bug control products and non-chemical methods for exterminating and preventing bed bug infestations, we can make sure your home or business is bed bug-free without harming you or the environment. Using a combination of insecticides and home remedies—such as using mattress and box spring encasements to create a protective layer around areas that bed bugs are most likely to frequent and using heat to deter bed bugs—is proven to be one of the most reliable and safest methods for bed bug control and extermination. Homeowners and businesses throughout Monroe and Livingston Counties, including Rochester, Pittsford, Brighton, Avon, LeRoy, Caledonia, Geneseo, Penfield, Fairport, Greece, Henrietta, Brockport and surrounding communities, have counted on our bed bug control services for over 17 years, so you can count on us for effective results.