Colder weather brings out pests like Squirrels who are looking for a warm place to stay.  You may hear noises in the attic and across the roof.    Squirrels can do damage by making entrance holes, chewing on wires and disturbing insulation to name a few things.  If your like me, I enjoy seeing a Squirrel running on a telephone line or eating a nut but not inside my home.  Squirrels are very territorial and once they claim a space they consider it theirs.  If you have a squirrel in your attic you can call me and I will trap and can also make necessary repairs.  You may also need some tree limbs cut back, replace a screen or other repairs.  CWF Pest and Wildlife can provide you with a guarantee of your choosing and budget.   Don't let unwanted guests in your home or building call me today.

Why use a local pest and wildlife business?  There are many reasons including social and monetary but let me focus on a couple that directly impact you.  When you call CWF Pest and Wildlife you are not going to talk to a receptionist or an unlicensed person.  Right from the start you will receive the information you called for.  I will tell you about how much I charge, what I will do to eliminate your pest problem and find a mutual time to provided the service.  

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