Carpenter Ants Extermination

 Carpenter Ants  CWF Pest Management and Inspections is a reputable pest control company in the greater Rochester, NY area.   While ants are just a nuisance, Kip Fyke, owner of CWF wants to warn home owners about carpenter ant infestations.  Carpenter ants can cause costly property damage if left untreated.  You can see carpenter ant activity especially during the spring and summer months and on a warm winter day.  With years of experience as a carpenter ant exterminator, Kip has witnessed the destruction that these industrious insects can cause firsthand. Carpenter ants do not just wander into a home looking for food and water; they want to find shelter also within the home with no intention of ever leaving.  In the natural environment, carpenter ants provide a very valuable service to the ecosystem, gnawing away at dead tree stumps and helping to keep the population of other insects and pests under control.  But when carpenter ants invade your home or commercial property, they can excavate the walls, floors, door and window frames, roofing, siding, and even the fence posts and porches.  For these reasons, it is important to contact an expert in carpenter ant pest control as soon as they are spotted.  Chances are that by the time that a homeowner begins to see these carpenter ants wandering around the home, the ants have already been infesting the property for quite some time.  You might begin to see evidence of their existence in the form of sawdust (frass) around certain areas of the home.  Carpenter ants usually enter the property through tiny cracks and crevices in the exterior siding, windows and doors, or from pipes and wires coming into the home.  As the carpenter ant colony begins to grow and enlarge the damage caused is irreversible.  CWF Pest Management recommends calling a professional exterminator at the first signs of infestation to avoid extensive costs in property damage.